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You brush, you (try to remember to) floss… but do give much more thought to the importance of your oral health? Your mouth is the main entrance to your body, and inside, your teeth, gums, tongue, saliva, and oral microbiome are some of the main players in your health and wellness. This is not just a vanity issue - science is now showing that oral health issues are linked to everything from Alzheimer’s to cancer to heart disease, as the mouth is directly connected to the gut, brain, and central nervous system. Even more shocking… doctors are now realizing standard oral health practices may be causing more harm than good.

Join health advocate and investigative journalist, Shivan Sarna to learn all the emerging science in oral health: from the new approach to cavities and root canals, to oil pulling, tongue ties, sleep apnea, jaw health, and protecting your oral microbiome.

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ABOUT Shivan Sarna

I want to share my own personal story with you...

Now, I’m not sure where or when I got SIBO, but it’s likely that I’ve had it since I was five years old. 

I was already a seeker, but now I became a full-on online detective. All along, there were all these little whispers and clues. When I listened to them, I always did better. My intuition nudged me to the next step.

I realized that here I was, a smart person with a burning desire to figure this out. If I was so confused, others must be, too. That’s when I got the idea to use my experience to bring all the experts to the table... which turned out to be a global table known as an online summit.

The journey continues, but I’m so much better. I spent so much money and time trying to piece it together — persistence really is my secret power!  

After learning from so many experts and patients just like me, I wish I’d had found this quality of information years ago. It would have saved me a lot of time, money, effort, and sanity.

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